Welcome to ZBIGX Solution.

ZBIGX Solution has been established considering current needs in chemical industries. We offer our service and expertise to small, medium and big companies.

In our Engineering Group we focus on collecting data required to construct or modify production plants, investigating and troubleshooting plant/process problems, purchasing and installing equipment using scientific principles related to magnitude, momentum, heat transfer etc.

In our Research & Development Group we focus on early phase development, process design and scale-up. Using small volume lab reactors with integrated analysis, processes can be characterized with small amount of starting materials. Early understanding of scale-up issues increases quality and quantity of process knowledge. Increased process knowledge enables chemists and engineers to quickly scale-up the process eliminating scale-up failures. Moreover, optimizing factory throughput by improved understanding of reaction kinetics and downstream processing issues ensures higher yields with lower costs.

Optimizing a process cannot be done without good and proper monitoring and product analysis. Therefore, we provide also our service and expertise on analytical field. Apart from using existing and popular analytical procedures for our clients, we also provide custom analysis development.

We also cooperate with another companies, therefore we can offer high quality products. 

If you think that our service can help you to solve any problems you might have, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be very glad to help you.

ZBIGX Solution